The Reason Why You Should Consider Apprenticeships in the UK

A lot of folks want to get into the entertainment business in the UK, whether it’s to land a dream career at a movie studio, radio station or in one of the many renowned theatres in the nation.

But finding employment in this field is sadly not easy. As a graduate you’ll face the same problems as if you were looking for a job in IT or most other career fields.

When people ask me about tips to get into such a career, I always tell them to look into apprenticeships before anything else.

There are many reasons why you should look into an apprenticeship and here in this article I want to go over some of them.

With an apprenticeship you can often avoid the lengthy searching for a job on the open job market in the United Kingom. Why is this? Let me explain:

Simple, because apprentices have a much better chance to get hired full-time once their apprenticeship is over! What his means is normally that you will spend a certain time being an apprentice but can almost bet that the company will hire you. This is one major advantage of apprenticeships as compared to just looking for a position for many months, often without success.

You can get invaluable experience during an ap0prenticeship. Even in the event that you would not get hired later on, your CV will look fantastic since you will have real job experience following your apprenticeship. In addition to this experience you can also use the time during your apprenticeship to obtain additional qualifications and certifications. For example, IT apprenticeships can make it possible that you get those invaluable computer and networking certificates while the company might even pay you to get them!

Apprenticeships in business, whether it’s the entertainment industry or retail apprenticeships are definitely worth  that you look into them. Increase your chances to get hired and get started with your dream career!