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Increased Fire Safety For Entertainment Venues with CCTV Fire Detection

In previous times, reliable fire detection for certain locations had been difficult if not altogether impossible. A good example for this would be large entertainment venues in the outdoors such as festival grounds but also stadiums.

Smoke detectors, due to the way how they function, can only reliably work in enclosed spaces. This makes them unsuitable for the outdoors as well as for very large entertainment venues such as stadiums.

New fire detection technology now makes fire detection for these places possible. And not only that. CCTV Fire detection is faster and more reliable than many other methods for fire detection.

What makes CCTV fire detection special is that these systems can monitor large spaces from within a distance. They work outdoors as well as indoors without the limitations of other detection systems. What’s more, compared to conventional smoke detectors, fire cameras are fully automated. They can do their job 24/7 and in the case of a fire can automatically summon responders to the location of the fire. This makes these systems ideal not just for increasing fire safety during events but a reliable fire detection method for places and buildings all year round.

More information on fire safety and entertainment and sports events is available at http://www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/venue-site-design.htm