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Finding The Right Musical Entertainment For Corporate Events

As a promoter for many of our local events I often get asked for advice about musical entertainment for parties, corporate events, weddings and similar occasions.

What I do first in such cases is to ask the person for their spending budget, the type of event, the number of guests that will attend and similar things to get a better idea about what musical entertainment could be best for them.

As for corporate events, obviously those often have different requirements as, say, a private party. One reason for this is that corporate events sometimes (but not always) can also have a deeper purpose that’s not always evident. For example when a company wants to meet their clients or partners at such a casual event, means that the party’s purpose goes way beyond simple entertainment. Often the want to make an impression and this means that only the best of the best in terms of musical entertainment will do.

In such cases where musical entertainment for corporate functions is wanted that’s really different from your “average” corporate party that everyone will quickly forget, I always tell them to book the singing waiters.

The singing waiters are surprise music entertainers that can perform at weddings and corporate events.

They can attend your event dressed up as waiters, security staff or similar and then start their performance at the right time when no-one suspects it.

Also, know that the singing waiters are all professional trained at the best music schools in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need very classy corporate musical entertainment or plan to keep the party at a lighter note doesn’t matter. The singing waiters can perform classical operas as well as get the party mood to your party with the latest hits that everyone knows. You can book them for the entire day or for their performance which normally lasts about 90 minutes. My clients that booked the singing waiters in the past were all extremely satisfied and told me that the singing waiters had been the best experience they ever had at any corporate event. This is why I also want to recommend them to you.