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Mac+Wood is a furniture maker from London UK that recently gained a lot popularity due to their rather unique designs. Unlike many other British designers, Mac+Wood is using reclaimed wood timbers for their creations.

Not only does the reclaimed wood make their dining sets and benches look extraordinary: With furniture from reclaimed wood you know you’re actively doing something for the environment too!

I really like their dining sets since the ages wood radiates a livelihood and warmth unlike any other material. With the wood’s natural imperfections and the fact that every piece will be entirely unique, those pieces are really a pleasure to look at!

So if you’re looking for some unique and creative furniture, you should take a look at Mac+Wood’s beautiful bespoke dining tables and benches!

The Best Way To Get To Festivals

vw camperIf you’re like me and and you travel often, especially in the festival seasons spring and summer, you may at times  face quite some organizational challenges.

What is important and what can be pretty stressful is that you always need to make sure to book hotels plenty of time ahead. If you do the booking on short notice, right before a major festival at a particular location you won’t have much luck getting a place to stay or you will be overcharged big time.

If you happen to travel to dozens of festivals in a summer, the constant task of planning and managing where you will stay along with the costs for rooms can sometimes really become a burden.

However I found a great solution for me that can take all those hassles away. Not only does this save me a lot of money, it also gives me a lot more freedom when I travel the country up and down in the summer months. What I’m talking about here is visiting festival locations in my own campervan!

Rest assured, pretty much any festival location in the United Kingdom has a nice camping site nearby!

This is perfect because it allows you to stay for several days in your own camper and you don’t have to worry about booking rooms and all the other hassles. Many times, as long as you know that there is a camping site in the area you don’t even need to do any major travel planning beforehand. You can simply pack a few things, get into your van and have a great time once you are there!

For me, traveling in my trusted VW camper van is definitely the best and most enjoyable way to get around in the summer time!

If you want to try out camping first, you can start out with a VW campervan hire first. However, be assured you may like it that much that you will sooner or later want to purchase your own VW camper van!

Every year, the Notting Hill Carnival attracts many visitors with its Caribbean culture, food and music.

notting-hill-carnivalThe Carnival this year takes place from Sunday August 24 to Bank Holiday Monday August 25 2014, but you’ll already find smaller parties going on from Thursday 21 August.

The Carnival is in Notting Hill with a procession starting at 6am ’til  10pm at Canal Way on Ladbroke Grove, next to Sainsbury’s car park.

At the event you’ll find a “World Music Stage” at Powis Square where you’ll be able to see UK Calypso and soca artists together with many more international artists.

At Great Western Road near Devonport House there will be a great award show for the best entertainers at the event later on.

The party’s website is so you definitely want to check it out for the full program.

I am a big fan of horse racing and I visit our local track here in Devon, the Exeter race course whenever I can. I do this ever since I was a young lad, I guess a passion for the horses simply runs in my family since my dad and my uncle, both are also big horse racing buffs.

Horse Racing In The UKNow, there is just one major difference: While my dad and my uncle used to visit the tracks for many decades, they both never really cared that much about winning or losing.

For them, it has always been entertainment, the perfect occasions to grab a pint or two at the bar afterwards.

But about ten years back, I myself started to take the races a lot more serious.

This was mainly since one friend of mine, Andrew, back then told me that he already won what you’d call “a fortune” at the races while I myself never really won anything worth talking about, just like my dad.

Andrew told me about this guy, the Horse Racing Pro Bob Rothman. Bob is a former horse racing professional who got kicked out and banned from many tracks in the UK because he came up with a system that made him win on a constant basis. Once he got banned from most tracks in the UK he opened a website sort-of as a revenge where he is now offering his betting tips for anyone else. And this is how Andrew came to know Bob Rothman and I was fortunate enough that he shared this with me.

Well, to make a long story short, it didn’t take long that I signed up with Bob’s horse racing tips. And let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made in regards to my horse racing passion. I FINALLY started to win. And this hasn’t stop ever since. All I can do here is to thank Andrew that he gave me this betting on UK horses professional advice and of course to thank Bob Rothman who helped me to finally make some cash at the races! Check his site here and learn some solid horse racing and betting tips!

Music Education in England Gets Funding Boost

The UK’s Department for Education announced a £18m funding boost for children’s music education. This money will go towards music education which includes the national network of 123 music education hubs established in 2012.

Several months ago, Ofsed criticized a lack of depth and rigour in regards to music education school music in England.

Music and arts campaign groups in the nation are welcoming the funding boost.

The CEO of the Arts Council England, Alan Davey, in a public statement: “We’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape.”

As a promoter for many of our local events I often get asked for advice about musical entertainment for parties, corporate events, weddings and similar occasions.

What I do first in such cases is to ask the person for their spending budget, the type of event, the number of guests that will attend and similar things to get a better idea about what musical entertainment could be best for them.

As for corporate events, obviously those often have different requirements as, say, a private party. One reason for this is that corporate events sometimes (but not always) can also have a deeper purpose that’s not always evident. For example when a company wants to meet their clients or partners at such a casual event, means that the party’s purpose goes way beyond simple entertainment. Often the want to make an impression and this means that only the best of the best in terms of musical entertainment will do.

In such cases where musical entertainment for corporate functions is wanted that’s really different from your “average” corporate party that everyone will quickly forget, I always tell them to book the singing waiters.

The singing waiters are surprise music entertainers that can perform at weddings and corporate events.

They can attend your event dressed up as waiters, security staff or similar and then start their performance at the right time when no-one suspects it.

Also, know that the singing waiters are all professional trained at the best music schools in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need very classy corporate musical entertainment or plan to keep the party at a lighter note doesn’t matter. The singing waiters can perform classical operas as well as get the party mood to your party with the latest hits that everyone knows. You can book them for the entire day or for their performance which normally lasts about 90 minutes. My clients that booked the singing waiters in the past were all extremely satisfied and told me that the singing waiters had been the best experience they ever had at any corporate event. This is why I also want to recommend them to you.