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Discount Class Ring, Special class powers ?

Q.Once again I'd like to start the discussion about specific class powers for each class in ADOM... powers that you gain with level (e.g. at levels 6, 12, 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, which requires 7 special powers per class). I'm considering to add this for ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 5 or 6, but won't do so without having powers for *each* class. The powers should be appropriate for each class and add something... and if you are a knowledgable programmer please consider also that they should be programmable in a reasonable amount of time. Being able to shapeshift into an animal might be a wonderful power for beastfighters but it's too involved programming-wise to be tackled right now.

A.How about some new side quests (I know it requires a lot of programming and detailing etc. I am after all a programmer too :) depending on the character class. There could be some class specific "guild" or place where you could get the class specific quests after you reach certain level. It would really make more depth into the game. For example: There already is a thiefs guild. So what about if the master asks you to do some master thiefing when you are at a certain level. Rob a rare item from some fella. Or find a powerfull item of some kind at some shop. Of course you first need to get into the thiefs guild... It also should be able to train some class specific skills/attributes at the guild. It's already pretty easy to make HW after a given point. This is most likely the reason for the apparent rarity of water - I'd like to see more uses for normal water, and making holy water harder, personally. Priests/Paladins would be able to easily make it in that case. :) I like the discount idea but perhaps it should be primarily be for their specialty, i.e. a potion merchant would get a deep discount on potions and maybe a small discount on other stuff. The ability to trade one roughly equivalent item for another in a shop. What equivalent means might have to be picked over. Perhaps something the shop would sell in the same price range. I also think that at a high enough level merchants should be able to generate their own stock in trade. It would have to involve a large outlay of time and the proper equipment and you would not necassarily be able to create anything too wonderful. For potion merchants perhaps they should be able to create potions of booze , healing, sickness, confusion and a couple other low level things. Ring merchants might be able to make brass rings, wedding rings, rings of appearance or charisma and maybe low level rings of damage or defense. Scroll and wand merchants might have to be worked with differently because they deal in solely magic articles, Giving them the chance for extra uses of their specialties might work equivalently. For example, a wand merchant might always be able to squeeze an extra charge out of the cheaper wands and scroll merchant would almost never have a scroll vanish after a failed read attempt. Other general tweaks to the class include being able to travel more safely. They should have greater experience avoiding trouble on the road. Many people have mentioned being able to sell things to creature, how about the ability to buy things from them. This might present some problems to code and may have to wait until monster inventories are implimented but I it would be cool for neutral or lawful characters to be able to buy a pickaxe off wandering friendly dwarves rather than searching for dwarven chaos knights(or whatever they're called). One last thing. Because merchants are used to carting their goods all over the place they should have a reduced chance of losing items in their specialty to fireballs or explosive runes. Basically they would know how to properly store and handle items better than other charcters. Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors in this, it's 5:30 in the morning and I haven't had any sleep tonight. Hoping to have sparked some discussion about my favorite class, this has been ...

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