Types of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can come in many different flavors. Some of the simple smoke detectors available don’t come with any special functions. They are affordable and don’t require anything more than a standard battery to operate reliably.

smoke detectorA new type of smoke detector available today is the disposable smoke detector which will work for up-to ten years without the need to ever change the battery.

After ten years you would simply dispose of the device and replace it with a new one.

More complex smoke detectors can be wireless interconnected. That means that all smoke detectors will sound an alarm when just one of them in your home detects smoke or fire. This can be extremely useful if you have detectors installed in remote rooms in your home. This can benefit your home’s and family’s safety greatly!

Even more advanced models can send an alarm to your phone or even automatically summon the fire brigade.

Some smoke detectors can be combined devices.  Those detectors can not just alert in case of smoke and fire but they also have sensors for carbon monoxide.

Modern fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can increase your home’s safety and security for very little money.

The Reason Why You Should Consider Apprenticeships in the UK

A lot of folks want to get into the entertainment business in the UK, whether it’s to land a dream career at a movie studio, radio station or in one of the many renowned theatres in the nation.

But finding employment in this field is sadly not easy. As a graduate you’ll face the same problems as if you were looking for a job in IT or most other career fields.

When people ask me about tips to get into such a career, I always tell them to look into apprenticeships before anything else.

There are many reasons why you should look into an apprenticeship and here in this article I want to go over some of them.

With an apprenticeship you can often avoid the lengthy searching for a job on the open job market in the United Kingom. Why is this? Let me explain:

Simple, because apprentices have a much better chance to get hired full-time once their apprenticeship is over! What his means is normally that you will spend a certain time being an apprentice but can almost bet that the company will hire you. This is one major advantage of apprenticeships as compared to just looking for a position for many months, often without success.

You can get invaluable experience during an ap0prenticeship. Even in the event that you would not get hired later on, your CV will look fantastic since you will have real job experience following your apprenticeship. In addition to this experience you can also use the time during your apprenticeship to obtain additional qualifications and certifications. For example, IT apprenticeships can make it possible that you get those invaluable computer and networking certificates while the company might even pay you to get them!

Apprenticeships in business, whether it’s the entertainment industry or retail apprenticeships are definitely worth  that you look into them. Increase your chances to get hired and get started with your dream career!

David Cameron’s Vision for Every School in the United Kingdom

According to British Prime Minister David Cameron, every school in the nation should become an academy.

private-independent-schools-UKDavid Cameron was speaking to the press where he said that academies are improving standards and power and therefore should be the hands of teachers in the United Kingdom and not “bureaucrats”.

This past June it was announced that more than 1000 schools in the United Kingdom would become academies.

What makes an academy?

The definition of an academy is that it is an independent educational institution that is directly funded by the government. The number of those types of academies in the United Kingdom has gone up dramatically in the last several years. While there had only been 203 academies in 2010, there number today  is 4676. This means that more than 50% of all secondary schools in the nation are now academies.

The other hand, there is criticism about this movement. Teaching unions in the United Kingdom say that academies as being a form of privatisation are undermining the public school system. The unions also point out that there is no evidence that academies in fact raise education standards.

Academies, along with independent and private schools such as an independent school in Hertfordshire can be an alternative for all those families who are not satisfied with the current public school system in the UK.  The better quality education will almost always pay off, according to statistics.



Music Education in England Gets Funding Boost

The UK’s Department for Education announced a £18m funding boost for children’s music education. This money will go towards music education which includes the national network of 123 music education hubs established in 2012.

Several months ago, Ofsed criticized a lack of depth and rigour in regards to music education school music in England.

Music and arts campaign groups in the nation are welcoming the funding boost.

The CEO of the Arts Council England, Alan Davey, in a public statement: “We’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape.”

Finding The Right Musical Entertainment For Corporate Events

As a promoter for many of our local events I often get asked for advice about musical entertainment for parties, corporate events, weddings and similar occasions.

What I do first in such cases is to ask the person for their spending budget, the type of event, the number of guests that will attend and similar things to get a better idea about what musical entertainment could be best for them.

As for corporate events, obviously those often have different requirements as, say, a private party. One reason for this is that corporate events sometimes (but not always) can also have a deeper purpose that’s not always evident. For example when a company wants to meet their clients or partners at such a casual event, means that the party’s purpose goes way beyond simple entertainment. Often the want to make an impression and this means that only the best of the best in terms of musical entertainment will do.

In such cases where musical entertainment for corporate functions is wanted that’s really different from your “average” corporate party that everyone will quickly forget, I always tell them to book the singing waiters.

The singing waiters are surprise music entertainers that can perform at weddings and corporate events.

They can attend your event dressed up as waiters, security staff or similar and then start their performance at the right time when no-one suspects it.

Also, know that the singing waiters are all professional trained at the best music schools in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need very classy corporate musical entertainment or plan to keep the party at a lighter note doesn’t matter. The singing waiters can perform classical operas as well as get the party mood to your party with the latest hits that everyone knows. You can book them for the entire day or for their performance which normally lasts about 90 minutes. My clients that booked the singing waiters in the past were all extremely satisfied and told me that the singing waiters had been the best experience they ever had at any corporate event. This is why I also want to recommend them to you.